Marina Stay Aboard Application

Vessel Details

Does your vessel have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness?

Is the vessel equipped with a holding tank or sanitary system?

Is the vessel under New Zealand Survey?
If yes number of people?

Are there any further details you would like to give to support your application?

Intended Stay Aboard Details

How long do you intend to stay aboard?

Maximum number of people wishing to stay aboard?

Full Details of Occupants:

Have you lived at any other New Zealand / Australian Marinas?

Do you intend to have any pets onboard?


Tauranga Bridge Marina requires a minimum of two personal referees before we will process Stay Aboard
applications. Please give details including postal addresses (not box numbers) and email addresses.
NOTE: Relatives are not considered independent referees.

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence in New Zealand or Australia?

The contents of this form are true and correct.

I have read the Marina rules and regulations and will abide by them and the laws of New Zealand.