Visitors to NZ

Visitors to New Zealand & arriving from overseas

Tauranga Bridge Marina Arrival Notification

If you are a foreign vessel arriving in Tauranga - New Zealand, provide advance notice before leaving your last port.

Small Vessels may only arrive into Tauranga as a first port by prior arrangement.

Prior to arrival

The Master of every vessel is required to give 48 hours notice of the expected port of entry and estimated time of arrival to the New Zealand Customs Service and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Do not anchor in New Zealand waters before clearing Customs.

You need to arrange Customs and Immigration clearance please do so via one of the following methods:

  • Nautical Miles
  • 70
  • 60
  • 14 (approx)
  • Call
  • Plenty Maritime Radio 68
  • Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard
  • Tauranga Bridge Marina
  • VHF
  • 61
  • 01
  • 73

NOTE: Plenty Maritime Radio and Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard Monitor VHF 16

The following information is designed to assist vessels visiting NZ with the NZ Customs Service and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) arrival and departure formalities. Compliance with these procedures will ensure that the border entry and departure requirements for you and your craft are completed efficiently and with the minimum of delay.

Full information on providing this notice of arrival is available:

and the required forms can be downloaded from:

For more information on Biosecurity in New Zealand please go to:

Customs Clearance Area & Transitional Facility

Vessel Works provide the berth facility for vessels to clear New Zealand waters only and does not provide Customs or MPI clearance, these are provided by each government entity at their wharf.
You are responsible for liaising with Customs and MPI regarding your arrival or departure.

  • Vessel Works PoFA services/customs clearance will only be available when pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance
  • Vessel Works PoFA services will only be available inside standard operating hours: Monday – Friday between 0800 – 1600 unless agreed prior
  • Vessels must arrive and depart on slack tide
  • Vessels may have to wait if a berth is not available or day-to-day operations impact a safe arrival/departure
  • PoFA/customs clearance booking is only confirmed once a written booking confirmation has been provided by the Vessel Works office, and all required vessel documentation has been provided by the vessel (services agreement, insurance, estimate accepted)
  • Customs Wharf Fee - $350 + GST per clearance

The Customs Berth is operated by Vessel Works, Tauranga, in conjunction with NZ Customs & MPI / Biosecurity NZ and the appropriate arrival notification described earlier must be given.

The Customs Berth is currently unlit during the hours of darkness.

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When Nearing New Zealand

Contact can be made by calling Maritime radio on SSB 4125 Khz or VHF ch 16. If there are any changes to your ETA, the radio operator will be able to notify NZ Customs Service and MPI official so they can prepare for your arrival.

Links Of Interest

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Tauranga Harbour & Marina Approaches

Tauranga Harbour Entrance Pilotage

Vessels over 250 gross tons:

Must arrange a Pilot through Tauranga Port Radio VHF 12.

The Port of Tauranga provides a pilotage service for all vessels over 250GRT unless the master holds a current pilot exemption certificate.  Entry and exit to the Port is provided through an arrival and departure window.

Port Of Tauranga

Contact Customer Services:

Chart NZ 5412 - Covers the approaches to, and Tauranga harbour.


Call Tauranga Port Radio on VHF 12.

The entrance to Tauranga harbour is to the west of the 230 metre high Mount Maunganui, which is visible from many miles to seaward.

The harbour entrance should be approached from the North East to avoid coming too close to Matakana Bank, which breaks in heavy weather. The main marked channel to enter Tauranga harbour has at 10 metres of water at chart datum, but the tidal streams can be very strong, 4.5 to 5 knots (spring tides).

Inside The Harbour

  • Latitude:
  • Longitude:
  • 37 40.25'S
  • 176 10.5'E

Once inside the Tauranga Harbour - Tauranga Bridge Marina is located 2.2 nautical miles due South of Mauao (Mount Maunganui) on the Eastern side of town reach, North East of the Harbour Bridge.

Follow the line of green channel markers, leaving them to Starboard all the way down to yellow special mark.

Vessel Works Tauranga operates an approved Port of First Arrival (Customs Berth) for incoming / outgoing vessels.

NOTE: Permanent stayaboards are expressly forbidden unless permission is sought & granted by the Marina Manager for special circumstances.

Navigation Lights, Marina Entrance

  • Northern Breakwater:
  • Southern Breakwater:
  • Two fixed red lights, vertically mounted
  • Flashing green light, visible 180' through 270'

Berthing In Tidal Marinas

Boat owners who are not experienced in manoeuvering within tidal marinas should make this clear to marina staff before arrival.

An experienced staff member will meet you in the work boat "GG" and pilot you to your allocated marina berth.

This service is available at no cost, between the hours of 0800 to 1800 7 days a week, or to plan their arrival for slack water which last approximately 20 minutes either side of high and low tides.

Tauranga Harbour & Marina Approach Plan

Tauranga Bridge Marina Site Map

Mooring Lines

Rental berths do not include mooring lines so we would advise you to have adequate mooring lines to secure your vessel.

Please note that we do not allow any hard shackles as they wear the galvanised coating off our mooring rings.

If you plan to leave your vessel unattended for a long period we advise you to double up on your mooring lines.

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